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Personality Development Quick Guide

Hello everyone, welcome to as you are here, you must be interested in your personality development and to stand out in the crowd. This is a quick guide for personality development. before getting into the actual guide let me give you a short overview. in this post, you will learn the following :

  1. what is personality?
  2. what is personality development?
  3. can we change our personality?
  4.  required personality development skills
  5. personality development needs
  6. 4 tips for personality development

What are Personality and Personality Development?

According to American psychologist John B. Watson, ‘personality is the combination of individual traits and property, which generates lasting and special characters different from others’

now, let’s understand the term traits in the definition above. traits are the unique characteristics that influence our behaviour and set us apart from the other people.for example you may describe yourself as a faithful person. that faithful is an example of trait Everyone has a different set of behavioural characters which makes his presence different from others. so basically we develop these traits so that we will be more likeable and attractive.

Can We Change Our Personality?

The main question arises that can we change our personality? the simple answer is YES.  but personality change is not easy, changing of some big personality traits might never even possible. but some parts of your personality can be surely changed.

there are two types of personality traits:

                  1) default or inborn traits

                  2)traits acquired throughout life

Inborn traits are kind of permanent traits and can’t be altered or changed. whereas acquired personality can be changed since it developed according to the surrounding, experiences, upbringing, etc.

Some Things To Do To Change Your Personality Positively:

  1. try to change your habits
  2. change your self-beliefs
  3. try to simplify your emotions
  4. eliminate negative elements from your surroundings


 Required Personality Development Skills:

You gotta admit that a man without any skill is useless and not impressable. you must have some skills to impress others. there are several personal development skills some of which I am mentioning below:

1.Time management skills:

The main problem of today’s generation is poor time management. time is the ultimate resource which is distributed among every human being equally. whether it is Bill Gates or an ordinary person like you or me. how you utilize the given 24 hours is up to you. you can waste it or you can work on yourself and acquire some personal development skills. time management is the very first step in the journey of your personality development. WORK ON IT.


2.Communication skills:

To be successful in life both career-wise and as a person, communication skill is one of the most important factors to get into account. good communication skill includes conveying your message clearly and strongly at the right time, in front of right person/people, with the right tone. communication skill also includes good listening. you cannot proceed conversation further without listening to others as it is a two-way process. the major factor which distinguishes a great communicator from not so good one is the great level of confidence and proper and appropriate body language.


3.Body language:

Body language is the non-verbal form of communication used to express our true feelings without uttering a word. it is a very important factor to make a strong first impression. it is also used to show confidence. its can also add the strength to the verbal message. some basic body language techniques to make a strong confident first impression:

• have an open posture

• maintain eye contact

• avoid face touch

• use firm handshake

• use mirroring

• relax your body

Most importantly, don’t mess it up. first, practice all body languages before using in public, or there may be negative consequences.


4.Problem-solving skill:

We encounter many problems in our daily life. some of which are severe and some are small. problem-solving consist of solving the problem with the help of available resources.

Steps of problem-solving:

  1. identify the problem
  2. understand the problem
  3. look for every possible solution for the problem
  4. select the most optimum solution
  5. implementing the solution
  6. observing the effect of the solution on the problem
  7. look for the feedback/effect



Adaptability is the ability to change your attitude, thinking and work process as per the situation. life is never gonna be as simple as you want it to be. one should be prepared for the worst situations than being clueless in time. it’s very important to have adaptability skills to be successful in a career. an adaptable person has the following skills:



•Positive attitude



•Willingness to learn from others

Personality development needs

Nobody is perfect. no matter how hard we try, it is impossible to achieve an ideal personality. but we can surely try to be the better version of ourselves.That is exactly where the need for personality development arrives ‘to be the better version of ourselves’

The need for developing your personality is as follows:

  1. To be more confident
  2. to improve communication skills
  3. to be self-aware
  4. to enhance your personality
  5. to pursue your goal in the long run

gonna explain every point above in specific posts related to these topics.


4 Simple tips for personality development:

1. Always be happy:

Happy people are always more attractive than unhappy ones. always try to find reasons to be happy. you tend to smile when you are happy. and there is a saying that

A smiling face is a beautiful face. A smiling heart is a happy heart.

Being happy not only makes you attractive but also more productive. So be happy and smile.

2. Improve your dressing sense:

Want to create a strong first impression? your dressing makes a ton of difference. your dressing should not be complex. keep it simple and elegant. try to create your own style. improving dressing is the basic step of personality development.  work on it.

3. Be confident:

if you don’t believe in yourself, who else will? this reason is enough to be confident. confidence is the most important trait required in the workplace. confidence inspires you to take actions which ultimately lead you to success.

4. Stay calm and don’t be aggressive

being aggressive often turns situations against you. points made calmly are more likely to be accepted by the people. and improves relations with others. calmness improves your problem-solving skills.

a calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges.


This was a basic introductory article about personality development. everyone is different from others in their own ways. but improvement and development are the things that matter. work on yourself. find your negatives and positives. embrace positives and try to eliminate negatives.

thanks for reading. if you like this article, do share and give us your feedback in comments below.








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