how to stay motivated for workout

How to stay motivated for workout

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Hello Everyone. Welcome to

I am Sahil Gomase And today I am gonna share how to stay motivated for workout?

It’s a highly requested topic as people ask me on Instagram that HOW TO STAY MOTIVATED FOR WORKOUT? So Guys Today am gonna share Those tips which I personally use to stay motivated for a workout. So let’s start with Top tips to stay motivated for a workout

8 Tips On How To Stay Motivated for Workout:

Mike Tyson used to train for 60-80 hours per week. If you are trying to achieve the same or even just want to start training, then this post is for you. So, let’s get started with the tips on how to stay motivated for workout.

1.Make Schedule:

Yes, Guys If you wanna Stay motivated This is the first thing you need to keep in mind. First of all, check out when are you free? and can take out time for yourself When can you do your workout?

Find out when can you take out one or two hours for your workout? Even half an hour is enough for a workout to keep yourself healthy and fit.

If you are a job person you can go early morning for a workout or if you get free early then one can go in the evening for workout.

So, make a proper schedule and find out when you can get time for workout So paste that schedule in your room.

2.Track Your Progress:

The way How I track my progress is by keeping a calendar in my room.

In which I tick day-wise That I WORKOUT TODAY? THEN TICK YES Today I had unhealthy diet? Then CROSS (X).

So I make use of different sketch colours i.e. Green for Diet and Red for workout This is how I track my daily workout routine.

This will make your work easy enough and you will come to know that progress of your workout. Whether you going gym regularly or exercising regularly.

So one should always Track their progress on regular basis.

3.Watch Motivational Videos:

Yes, guys, If we watch motivational videos then it makes a lot of difference as things get store in our unconscious mind so, we tend to work like that. we tend to work like that.

So try to follow such people on Instagram who keeps you motivated and inspire you and Also You can watch motivational videos on YouTube as well.

Follow such people who inspires you and make you feel motivated for a workout.

4.Always Make Good Workout Partner:

Its makes a lot of difference. Always make such workout partner who is better than you.

A healthy competitor not only makes your workout challenging but But also one One stays motivated to workout and exercise.

But Yes, If your company is not good, then it can have a negative effect also.


This one is for girls, Kidding… It’s for Guys also.

You must have noticed that whenever you wearing new clothes, i.e. Gloves, etc Then one always feel motivated and you will be more enthusiast to workout.

So Guys, If you wanna stay motivated Then Go Treat yourself with new workout clothes. Garments play a very important role in keeping you motivated.

So always try to wear new and fresh garments for you which make you feel confident. Especially girls. Always try to wear good sportswear get some good clothes and shoes to stay motivated.

6.Get Good Sleep:

This is the biggest mistake one usually make by not taking appropriate sleep So when we don’t take proper sleep, we stay frustrated and tired due to which we are not able to work out properly.

So, Never Compromise with your sleep. Always try to take proper sleep.

Moreover, You will be able to follow proper schedule by taking proper sleep. So, Sleep is very important.

7.Make Goals:

Note down in copy that Why you want to workout? Write down your goal in register or copy Whatever your goal is, whether its STAYING HEALTHY Guys one should always remember the ultimate goal.

So it’s better if you paste your schedule in your room. Write down GOAL, SCHEDULE AND ALL ACHIEVEMENTS and paste it in your room.

So it will help you by reminding you of your goals every day. It will help to keep you motivating

8.Turn Your Goals Into Habit:

Guys, Your Goals exist for a particular time period but your habits don’t.

Because once you achieve your goal body shape/weight then you may refuse to further follow or pursue a healthy lifestyle.

So, Its always better to learn to make your good habits.

This will help you follow healthy lifestyle And someone said it right “DO YOUR DUTY WITHOUT THINKING ABOUT RESULTS” So Guys Stay fit, and stay healthy.

So, these were my 8 really working tips on how to stay motivated for workout.


staying motivated always is NOT easy. But these 8 tips on How To Stay Motivated for Workout will sure help to stay motivated.

Let me know if these tips helped you or not.

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day.

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