How To Overcome Stress- 9 Simple Tips To Overcome Stress

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how to overcome stress

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Stress is a crucial problem people are facing nowadays irrespective of age. Especially in this unlucky course of the pandemic. It is very harmful to your physical and mental health. Overcoming stress can make your life way healthier, happier and enjoyable.

We have to understand that stress is inevitable and everyone faces it but Mentally strong people know how to overcome stress. In fact, they find something productive out of it. They learn something out of it. Overcoming stress is one heck of the task but luckily there are some simple tips to do so. But before going to actual tips on how to overcome stress, I am gonna talk about the following things:

1.Causes of Stress

2.Effects of Stress

3. Tips to Overcome Stress

Causes of Stress:

As it is said,

‘There is no Smoke Without Fire’

There must be a trigger for your stress. Different people have different triggers. But the main point is it sets off stress. So, if you know your trigger, it will be easy for you to overpower your stress and ultimately overcome it.

Work problems are the biggest cause of Stress followed by regular problems in life. More than forty per cent of U.S. people admits that work is the biggest cause of their stress.

Work Stress Causes:

1. Delayed Promotion

2. Overtime

3. Overcommitment towards work

4. Poor Time Management

5. Under-appreciation from boss

6.Over-expectation at work

7. Discrimination and Harassment  at work

8. Cessation of job

Daily Life Causes Of Stress:

1.  Loss of loved one

2. Break up

3. Raised Responsibilities

4. Low self-esteem

5. dispute with a family member or friend

6. The trauma of events like a natural disaster or violence, etc

6. Change in lifestyle.


12 Simple Tips On How to overcome Stress:

Overcoming stress is not a big feat. Some simple steps can really show you the doors to serenity. Here we go with the 12 simple tips to overcome stress.

1. Plan Your Day:

Planning your day can make your entire day a lot less stressful. Though it takes only 5-10 and very less hard work, planning your day can make a huge difference. If you work the entire day without a definite plan or goal, you will be stressed shortly.


Planning your day also makes you less insecure about yourself as you already know that you are not gonna just waste your time by randomly roaming around. Instead, you will be more confident and relaxed as you have a future picture. So, get up and plan your day.

2. Work on Only Important Tasks That Will Improve Your Life:

Prioritize your tasks. Keep Time Management in your mind. Understand that you can’t complete every task so, make a list of all the tasks and assign priority. Focus on the most important tasks first and then on less important ones.

3. Get More Rest:

Don’t Stress, Do Your Best. Take Some Rest


Sleeping is an excellent stress regulator. Our Body repairs during sleep. Not only our body but our mind also repairs itself. Sleeping lowers our heart rate. Stress and Poor Sleep is a vicious cycle. Break it before it breaks you.

4. Talk to Someone About Your Situation:

Eva Stubits, PhD, a Houston-based clinical psychologist who specializes in stress management, says that talking about how stressed you are can help you get it out of your system, so to speak.


It is just like a pressure cooker. If the lid is not opened for a long time, the cooker will be more and more pressurized. Same goes with the human mind. If stress is not let out of mind, it will become more stressed. Hence, talk to someone and let your stress out of you.

5. Look For The Lesson:

Often stress is caused by our mistakes. But redemption is the thing which gives us calmness. And to redeem, you must know what went wrong. Loon for the reason for the mistake, and try to figure out solutions.

It will reduce your stress up to some extent as now you know the reason for your mistake and you can rectify it.

6. Affirm:

Affirm is one of the best technique to be positive and to release stress. All you have to do Is just say positive things about yourself.  like, ‘I like myself’, ‘I am grateful’, ‘All is well’ and so on.

Our brain is easy to fool. We can easily fool it by repeating the same things again and again. So, keep affirming and overcome stress.

7. Play With Pet:

Playing with a pet can reduce stress hormone (Cortisol) and increase the level of serotonin (the happy hormone).


Pets also eliminate the feeling of loneliness and provide social support. This lightens our mood and ultimately help us to eliminate stress.

8. Listen to Music:

This is a quick hack. music relaxes you within seconds. Especially silent, quiet, classical music. It slows down your heart rate and enhances your concentration.


Upbeat music motivates you and makes you feel optimistic about life.

There is a special type of music called binaural beats which can change your moods and thinking. Listening to this kind of music can help you to overcome stress.

Note: Only listen to the music you like otherwise it can have negative effects.

9. Watch Funny Videos Consisting of Laughing People:

What we see or hear influences our mood and thinking. Watch some sad and tragedy movie and it will leave you thinking about it for hours. In the same way, we can use these videos to overcome our stress.

Watch funny videos, sitcoms, and T.V. serials. A stressed and depressed person have norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin levels very low. But watching funny stuff will increase their level and increase person mood. Laughter has positive psychological effects on the human brain and Laughter therapy has positive effects on mental and health and immune system.

So, these were my 9 simple tips on how to overcome stress. If you find this article any helpful, share this with your friends.

Have some more personal tips to overcome stress? Let us know in comments below.










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