how to overcome shyness- 11 Quick Tips to Give Up Shyness and Social Anxiety

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Learn How to Overcome Shyness

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Are you one of these shy people who can’t say even a word in social groups? Do you want to talk to strangers but can’t because of shyness? Do you want to overcome this shyness?

If your answer is YES to all these questions, then you are in the right place because, in this post, I am going to tell you about tips on how to overcome shyness. stay with me till the end and be a more confident version of yourself.

What is Shyness?

People often confuse shyness with an introvert. But introvert people are not at all interested in talking to others. they are good with themselves. Introverts don’t need other people.

On the other hand, shy people want to talk to other people but can’t. they think too much about others opinions about them. So basically, shyness is the fear of rejection. Shyness is the fear of negative responses from people.

Reason of Shyness:

No one is born with shyness. no one is born with a fear of people. Then, from where this shyness comes from?

Maybe you remember or not but many past incidences make us shy. Everyone has different past hence have a different level of shyness.

Let me give you an example. There is a child who can’t pronounce ‘R’ properly. he pronounces L instead of R. like Lahul instead of Rahul. but whenever he mispronounces, his parents, family members laugh at him. This implies the child to think that ‘every time I speak, people make fun of me’. this is the moment where a child becomes shy and conscious.

This is the initial yet most prominent reason for shyness. now how to overcome shyness?

Don’t worry. No matter what is your shyness level, low or high. This post will help to conquer your shyness because I am going to share 11 Easy and Practical tips on how to overcome shyness. So, let’s begin.

11 Practical Tips On How To Overcome Shyness:

1. Accept Yourself:

If you always try to fit in, you are doing nothing but wearing yourself out. You need to understand that NOT everyone will like you and that is Okay. It’s normal. everyone experiences times of insecurity and self-consciousness. You are not alone. If you accept yourself and find your qualities, life will be much easier for you. Self-acceptance will help you to overcome shyness.

2. Become self-aware:

If you want to overcome shyness and social anxiety, you need to understand that people are not looking at you. Most of them are busy looking at themselves. When you are around people, seek within yourself by admitting your shyness,  you can reduce your anxiety and will help you relax. once you are self-aware, you will be on your way to improvement.

3. Embrace Your Strength :

In order to increase confidence and self-esteem, find something you enjoy and are actually good at.  focusing on these things can help you to overcome shyness. think what is your unique strength and how your unique strength gives you an advantage over other people. knowing that  you have a unique quality different than others will boost your confidence and will help you to overcome your shyness

4. Take Care of Yourself:

Taking care of yourself can boost your confidence. Even just small things like showering, nail trimming, beard grooming can make a big difference in how you feel about yourself. Dressing well with good hygiene will make you surprisingly better about yourself. With this increased confidence, you will be no longer afraid of starting a new conversation.

5.Practice Talking:

This one is very important. If you don’t start talking to people, you will never stop being shy and awkward. Try to be more talkative. practice more openly with friends, family and even to the complete strangers. Talk to people in parks, gardens, restaurants or wherever you are. Approach others and strike up a conversation. This will give you a chance to meet new people and you will forget shyness and fear of talking to new people will be gone.

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6. Start Focusing on Others:

Shy people often think that they have to come up with interesting topics to talk about otherwise people will not pay attention to them. But that’s not true. Focus on others. This will enable you to forget about shyness. People seem to interact more with who seems interested in them. Ask questions and show that you are genuinely interested. Before you know, you will be deep in conversation. that you will completely forget about shyness.

7. Take a Deep Breath:

If you are around new people, you often feel anxious and uncomfortable.this quickly overwhelmed you. Fortunately, there is a crack for it. Go to the restroom or any quiet corner and take a deep breath. Focus on breathing. Breath in and out. Do this for a few minutes. this practice will help you to relax and lessen your anxiety so that you can have a better conversation and as I said before, a good conversation will help you to forget shyness.

8. Make Eye Contact As Much As Possible:

Making eye contact is the best exercise for building confidence. Making eye contact helps to establish a more emotional and meaningful connection.

The more eye contact you make the more interested you seem. It lets the other person that you are interested in the conversation. It makes them feel comfortable.

9. Focus on the Moment:

It is another important thing you can do. If you focus on the moment, you take your attention away from your self-consciousness. If you are having a conversation with someone, focus on his/her words.  The topic they are talking about. their tone and expressions. If you entirely focus on what the person is talking about you automatically forget about your shyness.

10. Mimic other’s Interactions:

If you are facing problems interacting with others and you get tensed with doing so, try to mimic them. Don’t mimic every single thing the doing but you can mimic their body language and tone. This tends to indicate another person that you understand what they are saying and you will enjoy the conversation.

11. Start saying YES instead of NO:

When you say NO, you create a barrier. You are closing all the doors. When you say No, you are possibly missing out huge chance to meet new people and explore new experiences.

Instead, give yourself a chance and start saying Yes. This will allow you to be around people and socialize with others with the same interests as you. If you constantly put yourself around people, you will get used to it. This will help you stop being shy.

♦ These were my 11 Tips on how to overcome shyness.


Being shy is NOT bad up to some extent. but over-shyness does nothing but create a barrier between you and the social world. It restricts you to meet new people. so it’s important to beat your shyness. Try to say YES next time for a party or gathering. believe in yourself and find your strengths.


If you like this post and find it helpful, then share it with your shy friends and help them to overcome their shyness too.

Thanks for reading.




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