How to be the alpha male

How To Be The Alpha Male (Personality Development)- 7 Easy Tips to be The Alpha Male

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How To Be The Alpha Male

Hello everyone, welcome to Want to know how to be the alpha male? then you are at right place.

There are 3 types of people.

1. Nice people: they are nice hearted bur can’t attract others.

2.Jerks: they attract others but NOT in a good way.

3.Alpha: they are fully confident and attractive people.

while researching this topic, I came to know that most of the people give only surface knowledge and some superficial tips. but I am going to give you real practical tips you can start work on today.

In this post, I am going to tell you about ALPHA MALES.  what is meant by an alpha male? and How to be the alpha male? Be with me till the end of this post and become an Alpha Male.

What is An Alpha Male?

The term Alpha Male is related to the animal kingdom. If you have the basic knowledge about wildlife, then you must know that most of the wild animals live in a pack or herd. There is a male who leads the entire pack. This leader is called the ALPHA MALE. The male should be strong and healthy to be the alpha male.

But these qualities are not enough to be the Alpha male among humans, are they? A male who is fully connected with his masculine nature. A man who does whatever he wants without caring about outcome or other’s opinion is an ALPHA MALE.

Alpha males are spectacularly confident and attractive.

7 Tips on How To Be The Alpha Male:

1. Don’t Care About Other’s Opinion:

We always seek for other people’s approval. We always try to impress them so that they would accept us in their group. But because of this, we cant express our real personality. The one trait that differs an alpha male from ordinary people and helps them to stand out in the crowd is CONFIDENCE. A self-confident person can express his real personality without worrying about others opinion. hence improve your self-confidence and let your real self come out.

To be self-confident, you have to be untouched about other people’s opinion about you. If you always expect others to praise you, you will be conscious and will never be able to develop self-confidence. ignore hate comments from society and be an ALPHA MALE.

2. Do Something Daily Out of your Comfort Zone:

We all live a simple life within a simple routine. But all the huge goals we want to achieve lie out of our small comfort zone. The standards of an Alpha Male are always higher than ordinary people. whether it is mental strength or personality. So, if you want to be an Alpha Male, with extraordinary mental strength and personality, do something daily out of your comfort zone.

for example. If you are uncomfortable about interacting socially, try to talk to new people. if swimming seems tough to you, join swimming classes. Challenge yourself every day. It will enhance your problem-solving skills and will enable Calm thinking. to be calm is one of the important traits of an Alpha Male.

3.Create a Strong Self-image:

If you ask how to be an Alpha Male then you might not consider yourself an Alpha Male. First convenience yourself. create a subconscious image of yourself that you are an Alpha. You are a leader. you are the king of the kingdom.

To create this image, you have to understand wherever you go, people will respect you because you are an Alpha. people will like you because you are an alpha. If you believe in yourself only and only then others will respect you. otherwise, if you are unnecessarily underconfident that I can’t do anything then no one will get attracted to you.

4. Slow  Down Your Actions:

If you are an Alpha, you don’t care who is around you. You have a self-image of an Alpha.

Hence, you have to develop a very important habit of RESPONDING SLOW. I mean you will respond but slow. As slow as you can. When someone calls you, respond slowly. just CHIN UP and just say “Hmm?” or “Yes?”. the slower you respond, the more confident you look.

But understand the difference between Confidence and Arrogance. Arrogance shows a lack of self-esteem and confidence show high self-esteem. Be confident, NOT arrogant.

5. Sense of  Humour:

Sense of humour is the most attractive trait a person look for. An Alpha Male knows how to make others laugh. Nice people are conscious that people will make fun of them. But the alpha male is not afraid. He knows that he is an Alpha. Instead, he makes fun of himself.

Do you know Kapil Sharma? He often makes fun of himself. Is he a nice or an Alpha? Obviously, he is an Alpha.

improve your sense of humour and be an Alpha.

6. Emulate your Ideal:

Best way to be an Alpha is to emulate the person you think is an Alpha. Observe their actions, their body language, their way of talking. find out why he is an Alpha. and copy these traits.

There is nothing bad in copying here as you are just trying to improve yourself.

If you see him in T.V., youtube, videos or in movies, observe him. and try to emulate his actions.

If you can talk to him in person, then try to understand his mindset and thinking.

7. Read Books:

Accept the fact that we have a very short life span. And we have to achieve many (I mean many) goals within this life span. To be successful in any field, people usually give their 100% to that field, work hard and learn from their mistakes. but this conventional process takes a lot more time than you think.

But if we read books by the people who are expert in the field you want to work in, we can already avoid mistakes. you also can become an expert in any field by reading books related to that field.

This way you will be confident.  And as I said confidence is the most important trait in an Alpha Male.

If you want to read books to improve self-confidence, start with the New York Times bestseller You Are a Badass‘ by Jen Sincero.




These were my 7 easy and practical tips on how to be the alpha male.


Be an Alpha Male. be more attractive, improve your confidence and slay the world.

Thanks for reading till the end. If you find this article any useful then share this with your friends and help them to be the Alpha Male.











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