How To Be Confident- 9 Pro Tips To Be More Confident

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How to be confident- 9 Pro Tips to Be  More Confident

Hello everyone, welcome to This time, I am going to talk about next(maybe the most important) factor of personality development. yeah, you guessed it right CONFIDENCE.

Confidence is the key to several aspects of our life. People don’t take actions because of a lack of confidence. From approaching a girl, asking for a raise in your salary to presenting a school project, confidence is the main factor on which your execution of work depends.

Why self-confidence is important?

Before getting to the tips, you should understand why self-confidence is important.

Less Fear and Anxiety:

The more confident you are, there is a voice in your mind that says you can do it. Confident people have faith in themselves that whatever they are going to do, they are best at it. This feeling lessens the fear and anxiety of failure.

On the other hand, an underconfident person tends to overthink. Overthinking leads to depression and anxiety. That’s why it is important to have self-confidence

To Be More Attractive:

The research was done by (Buunk, Dijkstra, Fetchenhauer, & Kenrick, 2002) showed that confidence is the most attractive trait in a person.

Ask yourself. You entered a room. There are two people in room one is standing in a corner confidently smiling at you and another is sitting on a couch looking at the floor. Which of these two you will be attracted to? Most probably with the smiling one.

The more confidente you are, the more attractive you are 

To Achieve Your Goals:

Imagine you are about to give an interview for your dream job, the interviewer asks you the first question but you couldn’t answer at all. you walk out of the room and think about what just happened?  This was because of a lack of self-confidence. That’s why self-confidence is important to achieve your goal.

Now, I am about to share tips on how to be confident let’s get started.

Tips on How to be Confident:

1. Stop Being Your Own Enemy:

Don’t say I am not good enough, I am not smart enough, I am not brave enough. what are you doing here is to limit your strength, possibilities and growth. Say if he can, I definitely can. Don’t lose even before the battle begins. It is only you who can stop you from growing.

2. Put yourself in difficult situations:

Sounds weird, isn’t it? But it makes sense perfectly. The comfort zone is what ceases us from evolving. For example. Public speaking was the hardest thing to do for me. To overcome this, I started participating in elocution competitions, local debates, now I am confident enough to give a speech in front of 500 people. It is obvious that more often you do something, it becomes more natural and easy for you.

3. Set Small Goals and Achieve Them:

The initial problem with most of the people is they set very huge goals and when they couldn’t achieve them, they lose their confidence. Best way to achieve something is to divide a big goal into small steps. It will be easy to achieve and as you achieve one step, your confidence will boost automatically. For example. you can’t run 5 kilometres on the first day. Run 1 km on the first day, 2 km on the second day and so on. You will end up running 5km after few days.

4. Be self-aware:

Self-awareness is the first step of self-acceptance. Find your flaws. Your self-esteem is low because you are insecure about yourself. To be more confident, you must own every bit of yourself. Acknowledge every positive and negative in you.

For example. I had insecurities about my hairs( I have curly hairs) and insecurity about my girlfriend. I can’t do anything about my hairs so I just accept the fact that I have curly hairs and that’s okay. but now about my girlfriend, I improved myself and tried to leave my insecurities.

There are two ways to overcome our flaws.1) accept them OR 2) improve.



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5. Forgive Yourself:

You must have done mistakes. Everybody does. Dwelling upon mistakes you made in past gives you nothing but sorrow. Say it wasn’t my fault. Learn from your mistakes and step in the right direction.

Reducing conflicting beliefs is the main motive of this point.

6. Groom, Dress well and look nice:

Another important factor to boost your confidence. when we are dressed well and look good, we feel more confident from inside as well as outside. wearing trendy clothes makes you creative. wearing formal at the time of the interview makes you feel confident and intelligent.

7. Stop Comparing Yourself with Others:

We grew up comparing ourself with others. He has better looks than me, he has more expensive mobile than me and so on. According to social comparison theory, we compare in order to correctly evaluate ourselves. but in this process of comparison, we can trap ourselves in the cage of self-doubt resulting in the lowering of our self-confidence. only compare yourself with the previous YOU.

8. Do something good for your body every day:

Invest some time and do something for your body every day. Do push-ups, start running, workout at home, meditate. It will increase your self-worth and increase your faith in yourself. Resulting in the boost in your confidence.

9. Hang Around Confident People:

As I said in the previous post, our personality is the average of five persons we spend the most time with. be with confident people. observe them how they talk with others, their dressing sense, their body language. try to learn from them.





These were my 9 tips on how to be confident.

Confidence is the key to success. Try these 9 tips and be the most confident person in the group.



Thanks for reading. If you find this article any useful, please share this with your friends and help them to boost their confidence. Have any suggestions? let us know in the comment below.















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