How to be attractive as a man

How To Be Attractive As a Man-7 Easy Tips To Be A More Attractive Man

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How To Be Attractive As a Man

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In this post, I am gonna specifically talk about men who are dreaming about being attractive. No matter whether you are attractive or unattractive, you want to add more attractiveness in yourself, Don’t you?

Fortunately, adding this extra charm in you is not that difficult. No matter you are average looking or even below average. once, a brilliant man said if you can’t beat them(here in terms of attractiveness), then join them. There are some habits which are common among all attractive people. You can implement these habits in your life even from this very moment.

Easy Practical Tips on How To Be Attractive As A Man :

Every attractive man posses particular habits which add that extra glamour in them. And the cherry on top is that you can also develop these habits. So, are you ready to improve yourself? If yes, then let’s start with the tips on how to be attractive as a man.

1. Be Positive:

Think about the negative people around you. These are energy-sucking vampires. Do they look attractive at all? Obviously NO. They always try to pull us down. Do you want to be with them? Most probably NO.

We like people who bring us up and bring positive energy into our lives. It is not rocket science that positive people are always more attractive than negative people.

But I don’t want you to be the constantly happy and overenthusiastic guy all the time. Because first of all, it is creepy and weird. And second of all, it is not real. But being positive is always attractive.

Now, the secret to being positive is to NEVER finish the sentence on a negative note. For example: instead of saying ” Bad things always happen with me, it sucks” you can say ” I’ve got a problem but you know what, I am gonna overcome it”

2. Grooming and Good Hygiene is the Key:

Grooming and hygiene are extremely important. You cant be a pig if you want to come across as a handsome and attractive man. You could be repelling g women/girls without even realizing. It can be because of your oily skin or bad breath.


how to be attractive as a man
Groomed Men

Always start from the basics. If you have a beard then always keep it nice and trimmed. Or just have a clean shave look. Brush twice a day.

3. Smell Good:

It is not just about the strong smell, but about the natural smell. I mean think about it, can you think about an attractive person who just stinks?  I can’t!!

It is good to develop a nice own signature scent. Your own natural man smell. You can achieve it through proper hygiene tips.

Always avoided swamp off. It gets stink down there. So always use powder down there. Always wear deodorant.

4.Groomed Eyebrows:

Look at the most attractive and handsome guys, what common denominator see in them? YES, Groomed eyebrows. But look closely, they are not overly done to the point that it looks girly. Instead, they look natural.

So, how can you achieve this is by maintaining eyebrows nice and neat by removing any hairs that are outside the shape of your eyebrow. Especially in the arch area. You also definitely want to remove hairs from the unibrow area.


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5. Take Care of Your Skin:

Understand this, skincare is a daily thing. The sooner you start, the better will be the results. So, start right now. It is meant to keep your skin young looking, clean and fresh.

how to be attractive as a man
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Look at celebrities like RDJ. They look better and better after each passing birthday. and daily skincare routine is the major reason for this. Genetics plays an important role but self consciously daily actions you take for your skin.

Wash your face often. Moisturize it, wear sunscreen that will help you to look good.

Especially, if you are a teenager, you must strive for the perfect clear skin. Like no pimples, no blackheads, no tanning and all.

Develop a skincare routine that you can follow every day.

6. Being In Charge:

It is not something that people do anymore but it is very very important. Whether it is making tough decisions or choosing the restaurant where you want to go with your girlfriend tonight. Being in charge is attractive. It shows that you are a leader. But, it also means to take charge of your mistakes.

The reason why being in charge is attractive is that it shows that you are a problem solver. You are committed to fixing anything around you. It may be a family issue relationship or family issue.

7.Work Out:

Man, this tip had to be on the list. Research says that Fit men are 46% more attractive than unfit ones. Work out every day. This is not just about growing muscles but to become mentally and physically better version of yourself.

You don’t need any gym subscription. if you are at sports, if you love cricket or basketball or any sport, it all counts as exercise.

Working out not only improver your physique but also corrects your body posture, make you more creative and emotionally positive.


These were my 7 easy tips on how to be more attractive as a man. Hope you like this article. If you find it any helpful, please share this with your other male friends and help them to be more attractive.

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