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Do this 2 Things to Increase Your Value- GoldenPersonality

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Do you feel undervalued? Do you feel that people are not giving you the respect and attention you deserve? Do you want to increase your value? If YES, then are have landed on the right post.

If you think like most of the people that you should have a big car A beautiful house and a very good job And only then people will like you, then you are thinking wrong. All of them are external factors.

Your likeability depends on the most on your psychological factors. And in that too, the most important thing is what is your value.

In this article, we are going to talk about how you can increase your value…

you want to know how?

You must have heard of the scarcity principle. Scarcity principle simply states that when the supply of a commodity decreases It’s demand increases… And when demand increases it’s value also increases automatically.

In human psychology, this scarcity principle gets applied for 100%. As an Alpha Male, you have an advantage that the secret I am going to share with you now. You should apply it through the help of which you can increase your value immediately.

 1. You have to be unavailable:

If you feel that you are doing something in which you have to put in more efforts and you are receiving less of benefits Then simply what you have to do is You’ll become unavailable. You won’t be present over there.

If you complaint or you argue Then that is not an Alpha character. What you simply have to do is you have to be unavailable.

 2. Don’t Pick Up Calls Immediately:

We get a lot of phone calls. When we get soo many phone calls, people usually pick up their phone and answer as if they are sitting totally idle.

You are an Alpha. You stay busy. You don’t have time .the phone is ringing or getting disconnected no problem. Let your phone ring. What you simply have to do is You should wait. You have to pick up your phone at least after 5 seconds.

You can apply this 5-second rule and then you pick up the phone.

Let the people speak that these days you have become such a big man that you don’t even receive our phone calls You stay busy.

Actually When you are developing yourself then you are doing a lot of such things. That for real you won’t have time to receive people’s phone calls. So you do it You start doing it Finally…


Even if you have fixed a meeting with someone And you get some more important and interesting work. You again be unavailable .you make that person receive a message that because of this reason I am not available. Your value will start to increase .you have to become attractive .you have to show yourself more valuable.

You want more respect you should understand this fundamental psychological principle, We value that thing more which is available less. When you are not available for people and when you go to meet them or you will meet them, Then they will give you more value more respect.

This you are going to feel 100%. as soon as you start applying this secret Now the results which come out you can share them with us in the comment box.


Being Unavailable is the key to increase your value. Just do these two things. Be unavailable and Don’t pick up the calls instantly.

I hope you found this article helpful. If you do then share it with your friends and help them to increase their value.

See you in the next article.



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