Anger Management – 9 Easy Tips To Control Anger

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Anger Management: How To Control Anger

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A short temper is one of the most crucial problems of people today. About 9% of U.S. people are suffering from Anger problem. Uncontrollable anger is the root cause of many problems. like it can impact your physical, mental and social health negatively. Hence, anger management is getting into trends nowadays. In this post, I am gonna talk about:

1. What is Anger and Cause Of Anger

2. Effects of Anger

3. What is Anger Management?

4. Why Anger Management is Important?

5. 12 Quick Tips To Control Your Anger.

What is Anger and Causes of Anger:

According to, ‘Anger is a strong feeling that makes you want to hurt someone or be unpleasant because of something unfair or unkind that has happened.’

But that’s not all. Anger is way more than that. Anger is a Destructive Emotion (Not an exaggeration!!). It can destroy your social image, Can build a solid wall between you and your loved ones, can affect your health negatively and even can lead you to anxiety and depression.

That’s why anger management is very important these days. Before managing anger you must know some basic causes of Anger.

Causes of Anger:

All it takes is a trigger. Even one sour word can convert a calm person into a fierce one. There is no such thing as anger. What you’re feeling is either fear, hurt, or frustration. following are the main reasons for anger.

1. Stress

2. Sense of helplessness

3. Failure

4. Family problems

5. Hurt self-image

Note: Above factors don’t trigger anger directly. Generally, they cause anxiety, frustration and sense of failure which ultimately transforms into anger.

Effects Of Anger:

Anger has loads of negative effects on your body. physically, mentally and socially.

Physical Effects: Anger results in high blood pressure. Headache, digestive problems like pain in the stomach. Short-tempered people often face fatigue and tightening of the chest. Constant anger can also increase the risk of a heart attack. Anger also weakens your immune system.

Mental Effects: Anger often leads to irrational thinking. It also causes anxiety and ultimately depression. Anger and frustration are linked in a continuous cycle and repeated regularly. anger causes frustration and frustration to cause anger.

Social Effects: Anger makes it difficult for others to live with you. It ruins relationships and destroys decade long relations. Anger degrades your social image and portraits you as a person with no control and manners.

What Is Anger Management?

Letting Anger out is not a bad thing. But, how you get rid of your anger is really important. As I said before, anger is a destructive emotion but it is not entirely true. If you will able to channelize your anger into any productive things, it will give you way better results.

This is where the concept of Anger Management arrives.

Anger Management is certainly not about controlling anger and suppressing it within yourself but about expressing it in a productive and serene manner.

Why Anger Management Is Important?

As I mentioned above, anger has loads of negative effects on your physical, mental and social health. So, it becomes very important to manage your anger.

Anger is a normal and healthy emotion. Until the time it gets out of control. Otherwise, it is helpful to release frustration and to calm you down.

Anger Management enables us to convert your anger into something productive.

12 Quick Tips To Control Your Anger:

1. Listen To The Music You Like:


This is a quick hack. music relaxes you within seconds. Especially silent, quiet, classical music. It slows down your heart rate and enhances your concentration.

Upbeat music motivates you and makes you feel optimistic about life.

There is a special type of music called binaural beats which can change your moods and thinking. Listening to this kind of music can help you to control your anger.

Note: Only listen to the music you like otherwise it can have negative effects.

2. Isolate Yourself:

anger management

There are two types of responses to any tense or adverse situations. One is Instant Response and another one is a late response.

Instant response is taken by the right side of the brain and is often the aggressive and rageful response.

On the other hand, the late response is taken by the left side of the brain and is often more rational and peaceful.

Hence, if you find yourself in a tense and angry making situation, wait for 10-15 minutes and then react.

3. Meditate:

anger management. tips to control anger

Meditation helps you to get in the state of complete relaxation. Meditation allows you to eliminate every negative thought and energy from your mind.

If you ever feel angry, just relax for a minute and meditate. It will help you to redirect your angry thoughts into peaceful and way more composed thoughts.

4. Take A Walk:

This is another simple practice you can do to avoid anger.

It is observed that anger fades with time. So, taking a walk can possibly avoid your worst angry response. You can go to nearby playground or garden. observe the beautiful flowers in the garden. Look at the kids playing happily in the playground. It will help you to control your anger.

Human tends to think while taking a walk which initiates the more rational and calm reaction. So, next time you feel raged, just take a walk.

5. Remember About Good Memories:

It is said that ‘Memories are Timeless Treasure of HeartWhich is 100% true.

When we think about any good memory, It induces dopamine (pleasure hormone) which makes us happy and lightens our mood.


This is simplest yet one of the most effective techniques to control anger.

Whenever you feel annoyed or irritated and rage is about to burst with rage, just start counting from 1 to 10 and beyond. This will decrease your heart rate and makes you feel better. It is suggested to breathe softly in and out during counting for better results.

Also, counting delays your response and gives you the time to think before you take any action. As I mentioned above, anger fades with time.

7.Channelize Your Anger To Do Something Productive:

Any productive work, let’s say art needs energy. It’s up to you that you waste your energy by being all the way furious or to use it for some productive work.

Now, there is no way that I can convince to do so. It is possible only if you are ready to do so. Pic a hobby and pour all your energy of anger into it.


This is a very good hack of anger management. 

Chanting works just like counting. Pic a phrase which can give you some sort of relaxing feeling.

For example, ‘Om Shanti Shanti’ OR ‘ Jai Shree Ram’ OR ‘ Calm Down’ and repeat it 10-20 times.  This will lower your heart rate and helps you to calm down.

9. Anticipate The Situations Which Make You Angry:

Imagine, if you could anticipate the situations which are about to happen, you would be easily able to avoid your anger problem. But, is it possible to anticipate future situations?

Possibly not entirely but at least we can do it up to some extent.

Take your time to find your triggers. make notes whenever you become angry, look for the specific pattern which triggers your anger. is it someone’s taunts, is it a specific place with a specific person OR whatever it may be. This can help you to control your anger.



So, this was everything about Anger Management. 



I hope you found this article any helpful. If you did, please share this with your friends and help them to control their anger.













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