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12 Habits Of Successful People

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You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine. -John C. Maxwell

Not everyone is successful. But every successful person has some habits in common that are different from others. The good news is that you can also acquire these habits and be a successful person.

Research suggests that ‘40% of we do on a daily basis is habitual.’ that means,  about half of our life runs on autopilot. Our habit decides our future. Hence, it is essential to growing the habits of successful people.

In this post, I will tell you about 12 Rules or habits of successful people given by Jorden B. Peterson in their best-selling book ‘12 Rules For Life‘. Jorden Peterson is a well-renowned personality in the psychology field and is a professor at Toronto University.


12 Rules/ habits of Successful People:

So, let’s get started with the tips

1. Stand Straight With Shoulders Back:

This rule says that we should always stand straight and keep our shoulders back like a winner. If we stand in dull posture, people will see us as a looser. people treat us like looser. gradually, we start taking their reaction as feedback which makes us feel like a looser. And it’s common sense that, ‘Loose is never a Winner’.

Hence, the author says that stand straight like a winner which improver our self-image as a winner and ultimately help you to be more successful.

2. Treat Yourself like you treat your close ones:

This rule says that you must take care of yourself just like you take care of your baby or loved ones. If a doctor prescribes a medicine for your pet, most of the people won’t take even a minute to get that medicine.

But if the same doctor prescribes any medicine for us, about 33% of people won’t get that medicine. That means, er care more for other than ourselves.

habits of successful people


We have to take care of ourselves as it improves our self-worth. I f you look at the successful people, you will know that they have very high self-worth.

3. Choose Friends Wisely:

This rule says that befriend only with the person who will help you in your difficult times.

It is often seen that in big companies, an underachiever is placed in a high-performance team hoping that underachiever will be more efficient. but it is observed that the performance of the high performing team is declined because of one underachiever though there are more efficient and overachievers in the team.

Hence, the author says we have to be very choosy while making friends. A friend can get you to the top or to the downhill of failure.

habits of successful people

4. Compare Yourself With Your Past Self and Not With Someone Else:

If you want to progress in life then, you must stop comparing yourself with others. Instead, you should compare with yesterday’s version of ourselves.

Don’t Compare

The author says, there are 7 billion people on Earth. There is always a better performer in the field you are working in. And if you compare yourself with others, you will always have the reason to cry on. On the other hand, if you compare yourself with your previous version, how much you progressed than last year, you will be happy and will get the motivation to strive for success.

5. Do Not Let Your Children Do Anything That Makes You Dislike Them:

This rule says that the shaping of your children into a responsible man is up to you. Some children are very aggressive and disobedient and to correct them is the responsibility of parents and not of society.

Create a rule list and punishments for breaking the rules. Punishments should be according to the mistakes. keep the number of rules less so that kids will not get confused.

6. Don’t Criticize Anyone Unless You Are Perfect at it:

One of my favourite habits of successful people. We often came across people who just criticize others no matter what. ‘Virat shouldn’t have played that shot’ ‘ he is a bad musician’. Though, they don’t know anything about it.

Successful people never criticize others. Criticising not only puts other people feel low but also makes your image of a critic. You don’t want that right? then stop criticizing others NOW.

7. Live Life For Others Rather Than For Yourself:

Success has a different meaning for different people. For some people, success is all about earning money. But trust me it is no all. Money can’t buy you happiness.

Success is about your satisfaction with life. And you can’t get satisfaction from living a selfish life. Satisfaction can only be found in serving others. Help a needy. And live a satisfactory life. This is a real success.

8. Always Tell the Truth OR At Least Don’t Lie:

This rule says, NEVER LIE. Especially to yourself.

There is a possibility that you are also dreaming about riding Lamborghini and having a foreign wedding. But deep down you know that you are not financially stable enough to do that. This way you are lying to yourself. There are huge chances that you would be disappointed with yourself if you couldn’t achieve your goal.

I am not saying that dreaming big is a bad thing but it has its own consequences. Have more flexible and realistic dreams.

Truth. Habits of successful people
Never Lie

9. Suppose That You Are Going To Learn Something New From Every Conversation You Have

This is one of the most important habits of successful people. Your motive while talking to someone should be to learn something new that you don’t know. The main objective of any conversation is to create a new idea by merging the ideas of individuals which will better than individual ones.

Nowadays, people just gossip which is not a great way to progress. instead, you should share your problems with others so that the nest person will give you some solutions which are essential for your growth and success.

10. Be Precise In Your Speech:

Life is very complex and most of the people just learn enough to live a simple life. Obviously, we cant learn each and every concept in the world author says that we should learn more than that. and we should use clear and precise communication for it.

For example, If you want a doctor to treat you properly, you have to tell him your problems precisely. Most of the diseases are not diagnosed, due to the lack of clarity of patients. Same goes with life problems.  If you want solutions to your problems, you have to be very precise.

11. Do Not Bother Children When They Are Skateboarding:

This rule states that Preparing your loved ones for the risky task is a way better option than not even letting them do that risky task.  because Life is full of risks.

let me explain it to you with an example from my life. A few months back, about 14 boys died in a flood and because of this most of the parent restricted their children to go near riverside. On the other hand, my uncle started teaching swimming to his son. One day my uncle pushed his son in the river. as expected his son swam out of the river without drawing. That was a calculated risk as id his son start panicking, he was there to save him.

I know every parent love their children but what is the better option? train them to face risks or not allowing them to even experience risks? CHOICE IS YOURS.

12. Pet a Cat When You Encounter One On The Street:

Life is very unpredictable and we have to face many problems even if we don’t want to. Hence it is very important to enjoy every small bliss.

Authors daughter has Arthritis. She had to take lots of medications and injections. But the author used to relish each and every happiness. Later, he found a very good physician for his daughter who reduced her pain and they also celebrated it as usual. As I said earlier success is not only about making money but happiness.

These were the 12 Habits of successful people given by Jorden B. Peterson in their best-selling book ‘12 Rules For Life

I highly recommend reading this book. Buy it here.

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