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10 Mind-blowing Psychological Tricks That Work 99% of the Time- GoldenPersonality

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Psychological Tricks That Work 99% Of The Time

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Have you ever thought, How easy would your life be if you could read other’s mind? This is not possible anyway. But you can manipulate or understand others thinking. How? With the help of psychology.

Psychology is basically the study of mind and behaviour. So, your life would be a lot easier if you know some psychological tricks which will help you to tackle some of your life problems. So, let’s get started.

10 Psychological Tricks Which Make Your Life Easier

Some of these psychological tricks are manipulative. So, please don’t use these tricks to do something bad.

Note: These tricks will not work on everyone.

1. Eat to Avoid Quarrel:

If you are hanging out with a group or even with a single person and there is a chance that a fight is about to happen then just try to give them something to eat.

When people eat something, they feel more comfortable in their surrounding. and tend to stay calm. If someone is mad at you and a fight is about to happen, you can start eating something to avoid the big scene.

2. Make Your Path Clear:

If you are passing through crows and want everyone to make your path clear, then just look at the direction where you want yo go. Don’t look at anywhere else. Not right, not left, not even at your phone. And people will automatically make a path for you.

psychological tricks
Clear Path

This is because people always look at other’s eyes and if they see that you are looking at their path, they will understand your path and will be aside clearing your path.

3. Find If Someone Is Stalking You:

Do you feel that someone is stalking you? Someone is continuously looking at you when you are not looking at them? But you are not sure, well to confirm that he is stalking you, there is a trick. Yawn!!! When that person sees you yawning, there is 90% chance that when you look at that person back, he will yawn too. This way you can confirm that he is a stalker or not.

This is because yawning is a contagious activity.there are chances that By looking at the above image, you might have yawned too.


4.Win Almost Every ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ Game:

Rock Paper Scissors game is generally is played while making any decision or to choose one person from the group to perform a particular task. No one wants to lose this game. To win almost every game of it, there is a psychological trick.

Before starting the game, ask them any question and just after that start the game. There are pretty much chances that an opponent will throw scissors. Now, you know what you have to do, just throw STONE.

psychological tricks
Win rock paper scissor

5. Be the More Agreeable Guy:

Want to be the more agreeable guy? Just nod your head while talking to others and while expressing your opinion. This simple positive activity of nodding your head will make the next person believe that whatever you are saying is true and they will easily agree with you.

P.S.- This trick will NOT work for everyone.

6. Make Anyone Do Your Task:

If you ask someone to do your task directly, there are high chances that other person will deny. SO, how to make anyone do your task, here is a psychological trick.

First, ask him to do more difficult task ou yours. He will most probably say no. Then, ask him to do your actual task, he will most probably say yes as he had the guilt of saying NO to you once.

7. Memory Hack:

Having a problem with understanding any topic and want to understand it better? There is one of the best psychological tricks for it too.

psychological tricks

First, study this topic on your own or through your teacher then try to teach it to someone else. This will solidify topic in your brain and you can memorize that topic better.

8.The illusion of Choice:

If you ask someone if he wants to do a particular task or not, then you are giving him an easy escape. He would obviously say NO unless he likes to do this job.

Instead of giving this choice to do or not to do, rephrase your sentence and give him the choice of illusion.

For example, instead of asking if ‘they want to work or not’, ask if ‘they want to work for 3hours or 5 hours’. See, in this way, you are not actually giving them the choice.

Obviously, they can still refuse to do work but chances are very less.

9.Procrastinator Hack:

If you are a procrastinator, and always postpone your important tasks, this psychological trick is for you.

psychology tricks

If you have some important work that can’t be avoided then, think about that work just before sleeping. This way, your brain will be prepared for this task and will already find some ways how to finish that work.

10. Just Take Name:

Dale Carnegie said in his book ‘How To Win Friends And Influence People‘. Name is incredibly important for a person. For a person, the name is the sweetest word for him.

Hence, if you want to be close to someone or want to be good friend with someone, call them by their name often and they will subconsciously start to like you.














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